8 Things in Your Home that Scream Tacky

While your home should be a place where you feel safe and comfortable, there are certain items that may be lingering in there that tell people that you may not have this class and elegance thing down yet. Here they are.

  1. Fake flowers
Tacky plastic flowers

Although fake flowers have come a long way, you can spot them from a mile off. Fresh flowers are lovely to look at, omit a great aroma throughout your house and show people that you care about your home. Fake flowers say the exact opposite.

Fresh flowers are a must in my house. I either pluck them from my garden or I buy them from the florist but, to me, they are a little treat that brighten my home.

2. Cans in the front windows

Tacky line of cans

This heading could also be titled ‘cans in any window’ or ‘cans anywhere other than the recycling bin’. In fact, how about get rid of cans altogether. Drink out of a glass, for goodness sake.

A long time ago when I lived in a not-so-good neighbourhood, I would see this phenomenon in every second house – a line of Woody and Jack Daniel cans lined up along the windowsill. Why, oh, why? Your empties do not classify as objets d’art.

I’m not exactly sure how or why this started but it sure does not tell the world ‘a classy person lives here’. It’s more like, there’s a rottie out the back, our floor is sticky and someone may either puke on you or punch you if you enter.

I used to have a work colleague who would come in every Monday and tell everybody how wasted he got over the weekend. He was so proud. Displaying used alcohol bottles or cans in your window is like telling the whole neighbourhood that you’re constantly wasted.

3. Clutter and Mess

Tacky messy kitchen

This goes without saying. Your home is never going to look elegant and classy with garbage strewn all about the place. Not only that, if you collect and keep things for a long time, your house will start to smell musty. You might not notice it but your guests will.

4. Too Many Knick Knacks

Tacky knick knacks

A few ornaments or statues are perfectly fine but there is such a thing as too many, especially if they are creepy looking dolls or Hello Kitty figurines (or if for some reason you collect the toys from McHappy Meals but I won’t get started on that!). If you must keep these sorts of items in your home, find a nice way to display them. If people walk into your home and think they happened across a Trash and Treasure, you’ve done something terribly wrong.

These things always collect a lot of dust as well which means more cleaning, more musty smell and more people sneezing whenever they step within 10 feet of them.

5. Garden Furniture as Living Room Furniture

Tacky plastic garden chairs

Keep it outside. Enough said.

6. Anything Your Husband Has Dragged In

Tacky neon signs

This category includes anything like singing fish, neon beer signs, calendars with half naked women in them or anything with a sports team on it. Keep it in the man cave where it belongs.

7. Plastic Couch Covers

I can’t believe these are still a thing. Live for today! Rip those dodgy things off your couch right now and if someone does happen to spill something, head over to YouTube and see the tonnes of stain removal videos that are available.

8. Garden Ornaments

Tacky pink flamingos

Seriously, who puts these on their front lawn? What must the postman think!

I think I see a common theme here. Don’t buy anything plastic!

I would love to hear what you think is tacky or, better yet, the tacky things you have in your own home! Let us know in the comments below.

Now that you have your home in order, it’s time to class up your life in other areas.