Entertaining in Times of COVID

Now that restrictions have eased a little and we’re able to have a few people in our homes again, how can we entertain guests and still keep everyone safe?

There’s nothing like a scary pandemic to make people more aware of the gross things we do on a daily basis. For centuries we have blown our germs across our birthday cakes then handed everyone a slice to eat. Yum yum….germs! We’ve eaten peanuts out of a bowl at a bar where other people have stuck their unwashed hands. We wash our hands in public bathrooms then touch the grimy door handle on the way out.

Now, I’m not saying to become complete germophobes and be scared of touching anything. Some germs in your system are a good thing; they help make your body good against bad things. But, that being said, we are living in a time where people are scared silly and, even if you don’t believe that COVID is a big deal, your guests might. Etiquette, after all, is about making the people around you feel comfortable so here are some tips to keep everyone safe, healthy and unafraid.

  1. Put out a nice tray of antibacterials.

Just as you would bring out a beautiful tray of fancy snacks, you can also bring out a tray filled with antiseptic hand lotion and wipes.

2. Spread the chairs out.

Make sure all your seating is adequately spaced to maintain social distancing during your event.

3. Ditch the serving utensils.

Instead of having a lot of people touch the same serving utensils, designate one person as the server who serves everyone.

4. Party outside.

Holding your party outside gives you the opportunity to spread your guests out more in an environment where germs aren’t as easily spread.

5. Communicate the ground rules.

There’s always going to be some guests who don’t believe that COVID is as dangerous as they say and will wonder why you’re making such a fuss. Remember, your house, your rules. Make sure that everyone knows that you are being COVID-safe and give them a list of rules they’ll have to follow.

6. Narrow down the guest list.

Having fewer people over will make all of these tips a little easier to manage. Consider spreading the gathering over two or three houses with video link to unite all the guests.

It’s been a tough year but there’s no reason we can’t all have a good time together and put our guests minds at ease at the same time.